Empathic Witness Workshop  

SAIC Sullivan Galleries, Saturday July 15th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM


As part of my MFA thesis work, please join me (Erin Schalk) for a workshop dedicated to examining how artists and artistic practices may engage in the position of empathic witness as a means of individual and collective healing. 

The workshop will include scholarly and poetic readings, as well as discussion, surrounding the topics of empathy, sympathy, and creating safe spaces in the midst of cultural and social turmoil.

In addition, we will complete a collaborative book project.  During the workshop, each participant will be given one 8 x 10 inch sheet of handmade and hand-dyed Japanese kozo paper that will function as one page of the book.  On this paper, you are welcome to create a drawing, ink painting, collage, text piece, write a poem -- whatever your imagination dreams of, whether simple or complex -- in response to these themes of empathic witness and/or safe havens.  If you wish to receive your paper ahead of time, please indicate this preference below.  I will then bind the book, it will be archived in SAIC's Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, and all workshop artists will be credited for their contributions.

You are also welcome to propose further ideas for the workshop that will be taken into consideration based on our allotted time and resource access in the gallery.

Lastly, as an expression of gratitude for your participation, you will be given your choice of a 12 x 15 inch sheet of the handmade and hand-dyed Japanese kozo paper to keep.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me in person and/or contact me at eschalk@saic.edu.

We are currently full to capacity!  Thank you very much for your interest!


Name *
If you would like some time to prepare your work before the day of the workshop, please let me know your studio location and I will leave the paper there, or we can arrange a time to meet.
Example: a reading (scholarly, poetic, personally composed, etc.) relating to the topic(s) of empathy and/or creating safe spaces.