Expatriate (2016)

Wa - on maintaining group harmony, peace:

equal proportions of intense desires to please and fears of displeasing, 

which prompts careful consideration, curating 

    every step taken

    every word spoken                             


                                                                       into a field of ambiguity...


March 11, 2011 |東北地方太平洋沖地震  (2016)

12:03 PM | 十二時三分

Crystalline azure sky

  the same patterns of wave flow

             the unaltered rhythm

 of white-capped swells gently gliding

   across the Pacific...

Operation Tomodachi | 友達作戦  (2016)

Fukushima, Good-Fortune Island

morel-shaped petals of lava flame reflect, glowing brightly into the sea,

transforming from a liquid blaze into overflowing barrels of

a charcoal smog,

simultaneously lightweight and leaden

gradually swallows the surrounding buildings

a sinister panorama...


View (2016)

The base hospital has a walkway with windowed walls

lines of grotty, water-stained panels

fogged from the outlines of dried raindrops and the residue of ribbons of water 

which had vehemently streamed over the panes in a recent typhoon...

Coming of Age (2016)

A Tuesday morning in September, 

the late summer humidity still lingered in the unplowed farm fields

weighing down the fine, sweat-soaked hairs clinging to the backs of our necks

7 AM archery practice on the edge of the soybean rows...

Voice (2016)

In many ways, I silence my voice,

allowing it to become lost in a rainstorm of other voices...