Vermont Studio Art Center - Artist in Residence

I am incredibly excited to accept and announce my participation in the Vermont Studio Center Artist in Residency program at the end of this year.  I have been admitted into the residency for my poetic work.  I will spend a month in Johnson, Vermont deeply engaged in poetic and literary writing, as well as artistic and academic dialogue among other resident artists.

Throughout the residency's duration of the residency, I will maintain a series of blog entries detailing major events including visiting artists, performances, readings and presentations, etc.

For more information about the Vermont Studio Art Center, as well as upcoming residency and fellowship opportunities, please visit its website at


Twisted Oyster Film Festival Chicago - Weight of Experience

I write this blog post still in the midst of coming down from my MFA thesis exhibition and many years of intense artistic and scholarly study.  In a sense, my body and mind are depleted and slowing rebuilding themselves.  Simultaneously, I am grateful and fortunate to have been filled with a repository of knowledge and a strong skill set in a wider range of art disciplines, including performance, poetry and video.

The video below is from my MFA thesis installation (What We Have Built: Expatriate, Sense of the Definite and Weight of Experience).



I am honored the have the opportunity to recreate this installation in an upcoming exhibition of digital, video and new media-based art in Chicago in the Twisted Oyster Film Festival at 33 Contemporary/Art NXT Level.  This exhibition, which will take place in October and November 2017, was curated and spearheaded by the amazing Pia Cruzalegui, a contemporary artist and curator based in Chicago.    

In addition, Pia has given me the opportunity to lead and teach an art education program on October 21st, 2017 to students in Chicago.  In future blog posts, I'll provide further details (and documentation!) of these upcoming events.

East Meets West Exhibition at Galaudet Gallery

I am pleased and honored to be a part of My Medicine: East Meets West, an art exhibition which addresses the critical importance of both Asian and Western traditions, practices and philosophies in medicine and healing.  This exhibition is through Galaudet Gallery's Eau Claire, WI location and will run from June 18th - September 18th, 2017.

Three of my drawings from the Interconnectedness series (2014 - 2015) have been selected for this exhibition.  The following is my statement/narrative regarding this body of work:

"This series of drawings is inspired by Expressiveness of the Body and the Divergence of Greek and Chinese Medicine, written by Shigehisa Kuriyama and originally published in 1999.  These works are created using handmade kozo paper made from traditional Japanese paper-making processes.  With pen and ink, I draw interconnecting lines and shapes that are rooted in both the imagery that comes from from my subconscious mind, as well as abstracted versions of various close-up photographs of foliage and human muscles.  These diverse images merge together to create new, hybridized forms that reference the interconnectedness — not only of the human body and nature — but also an individual’s inextricable relationship to the surrounding environment.  Interconnectedness is further referenced by the hand spun wool fibers which are attached to the back of each drawing to create an all-over network.  Lastly, the entire drawing is coated in a layer of translucent encaustic wax to create a physical “skin” which surrounds the image, conjuring associations of the protective nature of human skin, as well as its fragility."

Mantle Art Space Exhibition

Hello everyone,

I am honored to be a part of an upcoming group exhibition -- Excavations in Yellow -- through Mantle Art Space in San Antonio.  The exhibition's opening reception is this weekend, and since I am in the thick of thesis writing and artwork, it is likely I will not be able to attend.  San Antonio is a beautiful city, incredibly rich with history.  If you happen to be in the area, please stop by and support a new gallery space.


Currently, my website and blog are in the middle of a major revamp.  To visit my old WordPress blog, click here.

In 2015, I transferred from my previous MFA program into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s MFA program (class of 2017).  Part of this program’s requirements include maintaining a student blog through the SAIC network.  Mine can be accessed here.

An additional major life change occurred in April 2016 when I gave birth to my son.  He is, without question, one of the greatest joys and challenges of my life. ❤

My artist website is in desperate need of an overhaul to accommodate new work that has made a dramatic departure from my past paintings.  I hope to achieve this before the summer, and for now, I will leave with some recently published poetry and photographs through the Viator Project.  The latest journal issue can be read online here.  My work is toward the middle, under the heading “Cartographies,” pgs. 84-91.

I tend to keep a low profile these days for privacy reasons and my blog does not yet have a wide reach.  For those of you who do read this — I sincerely wish all of you well.